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Each stall space permits a 6ft x 6ft area for you to set up your wares. Need more space? Feel free to book multiples and we will automatically allocate you adjacent spaces.


Outside spaces are £10.00 pitch on Sunday and will be unfurnished

In the marquee is £20.00 pitch on Sunday and will have a 6ft trestle table and two chairs allocated

In the clubhouse is £25.00 pitch which you can use Saturday & Sunday as well if you choose and will be furnished with a 6ft table and two chairs.


Once you have made your purchase you will receive a follow-up email with a booking form attached so we can ensure we have all the details we need for a succesful day.


PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we are happy to welcome stall selling homemade foodstuffs to take home and enjoy later, we are not accepting bookings from Ready-To-Eat sellers such as Grills, Pizza Vans or Mobile Bars. If your stall requires an electrical connnection, please get in touch with us directly at instead of booking online. These spaces are limited and we need to manage them carefully so as to not overload our supply.

Entrepreneurs Stall - From £10.00

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